Clean Eating Kitchen Staples from Costco

Hanky and I stopped by my mom’s house after we went to the Y this morning.  Mondays are our days together.  The big Kids are at school and I’m off work, so we get lots of quality one-on-one time.  I only planned on staying for a few minutes, but Mom mentioned a Costco run and here I sit 8 hours, house smoked salmon from The Shack on Big Bend, a 44oz. Iced black coffee from BreadCo., and $241 spent on groceries later.  Oops.


So Costco is my happy place.  Aisles and aisles of organic, GF options in bulk.

I buy a TON of fresh produce.  But I also like to have organic, frozen produce on hand in case I can’t make it to the store or in case I’m feeling like a lazy sloth but still want healthy food.  You can’t beat Costco’s selection and prices in the organic, frozen produce dept.  Some of my faves are edamame, blueberries (kids devour them, fingers look cyanotic for days), cherries (the key ingredient in our all-time favorite smoothie), sweet white corn, and peas.


84 oz. organic virgin coconut oil.  Calling all basics.  Coconut oil makes everything better.  Here’s a list of 101 uses.


Organic and GF doesn’t always = healthy.  The labels on these crackers are pretty solid!  Low calorie and shred-friendly snack.


These tortilla chips are perfect with guac and salsa.  Which, paired with a bottle of wine, is what I eat for dinner on nights that Big John works late.  I could live very happily off of chips & guac.


Ok.  If you have issues with moderation, these could be problematic for you.  Aussie bites are like crack but will not give you bad teeth like crack.   They make for a great little snack that will keep you full and energized.  They are NOT low calorie, however.  And eating only one at a time has been an obstacle that I have yet to overcome.   The kids love these.  Perfect addition to lunchboxes.


This giant bag of GF flour will last a lot longer than the Bob’s Red Mill GF flour that I usually have on hand.  If only Costco wasn’t an hour away.  Mix a little bit of water or non-dairy milk with powdered peanut butter for a lower calorie alternative to traditional PB.  Roasted chickpeas are high in protein, a great snack, and super easy to make.  Hemp hearts are the perfect addition to oatmeal or smoothies.


Avocado oil is good for cooking at high heats up to 500 degrees F.  Big John loves mayo on the sandwiches and wraps I send in his lunch.  He doesn’t like avocados but he will never know.


Hanky liked all of the food samples and boxes.  He was a hit with all of the cute, little old ladies.


Organic food is expensive.  But totes worth it.  We rarely eat out, and all of our lunches are made at home and taken to work/school as well as snacks.  Shopping in bulk actually saves money in the long run.  Now I’ll only have to spend about $50 a week on fresh produce and meat for the next couple of months!


Until next time, Costco.


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Lil Wayne flow be like: she got them healthy recipes call her Paula Lean. Stephanie is a gangsta rap-loving wife and mom of three sweet babies, cardiac cath lab nurse, lactation consultant, fitness junkie, and foodie with a passion for properly citing sources.

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