The Original Farmhouse

Our farmhouse plans are coming along and we’re getting really, really close to actually starting the building process — which I’m so, so excited to share!

Our kids will be the 5th generation of Dieckman’s to live on this farm, how cool is that?!

I love that they will grow up in a place with so much history and so many stories. >> Like the original farmhouse that Big John’s great grandparents bought after being kicked out of their home so long ago.  Which is a cool story for another day.

This big, white beauty was built in 1907.

Dieckman Farmhouse – built in 1907

When John and I met in 2010, his Grandma Loleen was living in this house.  The first time I saw it, I fell in love immediately and envisioned a white picket fence full of babies running around. {I didn’t tell John this—yet—for fear that he would think I was a stage 9 psychopath clinger}

I’ve always loved all things old.  Things that tell a story.  And these walls definitely had stories.

Over the next few years, I looked for any excuse possible to go over to Grandma Loleen’s house and explore the 2nd floor, which had been boarded off but still had all of the original moldings, wallpaper, furniture, and wood floors {under ugly linoleum}.

I dreamed all the time of restoring this house and living there with our children someday, as Grandma always commented about it being too much for her to keep up with.

Pawpaw Dick with Little John

And in 2015, after 2 babies and a 3rd on the way, Big John talked to Grandma and asked if we could renovate the farmhouse and move in with her.  We were so excited!  I had plans drawn and everything picked out.  However, due to a very unfortunate series of events, we ended up deciding to tear the big, beautiful, white, victorian down and start from scratch.

What I wouldn’t give to go back and change that!

Creepy looking Vivi on demolition day

This old house is my inspiration for our new home, and although all we have left is pictures, we do have a lot of the original furniture and some other elements that we plan to incorporate.  And we have a gorgeous lot set right in the middle of the farm with beautiful views.


The building site for the new house — right where the original farmhouse stood.

Like this.  We love that our kids will know this life and have room to run, explore, and see life happen every day.


These babies love nothing more than our trips to the farm.  And every time we leave it’s the same question—“can we stay, please?”

Soon, little ones!


White Hardie Board and a metal roof, just like the old house. I found some posts in one of the barns that I want to use for the front porch, too!


Dieckman Farmhouse plans 2016, stephanie deickman


We are so grateful for John’s parents’ and Grandma’s (GG) support, generosity, and love throughout this process and can not wait to live across the road from them.

But for now, we have a house to sell and I really, really need to figure out my master bathroom and closet layout.  #girlprobs


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