Ice Storms and Laundry Room Feng Shui

In typical Missouri fashion, I prepared for Icepocalypse 2k17 only to be severely disappointed.  No power outages, no mass hysteria, and very little actual ice.

Just slush.  Which I have no desire to go out into.  Perfect weather for sweats, coffee, and my sketchpad.  I’ve spent about 4 hours nailing down the details of our laundry/mud room.  Big John thinks I’m nuts.  He just does not understand laundry room feng shui.

All moms of little ones know what I’m talking about.  We spend a big portion of our lives in this room.  I want my laundry room to feel like part of our home, not just an afterthought.

Inspiration pic #1


How fun is this color?! Blue is supposed to be soothing.  This will be good when attempting to match socks.

I love the shutter-style cabinet doors above as well.


These are sketches of the two walls on opposite ends of the laundry room.  I found the perfect galvanized wash tub sink and wall-mount faucet today!


I became so overwhelmed with joy when I found this Galvanized Wash Tub Sink that I ordered it on the spot.  We have yet to actually break ground, but don’t worry, at least I have our utility sink!

Wondering if Hank will be too big to fit into this by the time we move in?  I’m seeing some good potential photo ops here…


Is it possible to love a faucet?  If so, that is what I feel for this chrome beauty.  Also an Amazon find.  Prime lovers rejoice.  Click here to check out the Kingston Brass Victoria Faucet.


I saw this quite some time ago on Pinterest and thought it was totally genius.  I have 3 big laundry basket drawers drawn beside the washer.  Awesome idea in theory.  But let’s be real, no one here actually places their dirty clothes anywhere aside from the floor.  Not complaining, I mean if they were gone I’d miss that floor laundry like crazy.  But the likelihood that these get used is very low.  A+ for planning though!


An entire closet for cleaning supplies.  This just dawned on me today.  All of this planning and fretting over the layout of the house and I completely forgot to make a space for this!  So trivial.  But at this point in my life, I’m not above a little frivolity.

Back to Amazon I go.  Be safe out there in the slush, Missouri girls!


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