We Have a Problem. A Big Problem, or Bigger? Problem

Pappy Van Winkle taste on a Ten High budget.  That’s an analogy for the struggle of building a home, having a Pinterest account, and not being fabulously wealthy.  I wasn’t sure if writing about the farmhouse was a good idea after receiving some negative feedback.  But, I like writing so here it is, like it or not.

March 20.

Oh, the excitement.  My MIL texted me early this morning to let me know the floor joists had arrived.  The in-laws live about 50 yards from the new house.  So, even when I can’t be there I get play-by-play’s and pictures of any deliveries or developments.  God bless technology!


It’s really tough to look at a foundation and get a feel for the sizes of the rooms, the layout, and the overall look of the house. *Constantly thinking* please don’t let this house turn out to be an eyesore.

So I was so excited about getting the subfloor down and being able to actually walk on the main floor.

But, when I got to the farm, my MIL greeted me with “there’s a problema big problem.”  To which I replied: “Is it my fault?”  I designed and drew the plans from the ground up, so anything structural…well, that’s on me.  She laughed and assured me that it had nothing to do with me.  It’s just that there was a foot difference between the foundation and the floor joists and trusses….spoiler alert: this is totally in my realm of fault.

I think he’s super handsome when he’s serious

The level of calm with which Big John handled this error of mine tho—basically a 6’5″, grizzly chewing, cutoff wearing, modern day Mother Theresa.  I love this man.

My faith in the plan of the Creator becomes stronger each day.  Ultimately, my error means that we get a bigger living room.  Which is perfect.  So perfect.

I designed this house very conservatively on the square footage end, making sure to only create space that we would use every single day.  Over the last few weeks since we broke ground, I’ve thought several times ‘I should have made the living room a foot or two wider.’  And then today, BAM.  There it is.  My foot-wider living room.  With a few strings attached.

This will set us back a few days while we wait for the new floor joists to come in, but in the grand scheme of things—as my Father-in-law so perfectly put it “if this is the biggest problem we have, I’d say we’re doing pretty good.”  Agreed.  Totally agreed.


We may have been set back and not have walls by this week’s end, but Little John’s dirt pile projects are right on track.  And the memories being made are of more value than any material thing or structural progress.

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