Metal Roofs & Cinnamon Roll French Toast

March 22.

I woke up at four this morning after dreaming that all of our appliances had been delivered and were miniature in size, but Big John insisted that we didn’t have time to return them and reorder them.  A nightmare, actually.

This led to browsing appliances on Google Shopping and changing my mind again on the range vs. cooktop and wall ovens.  Whatever.  This is who I am.

I got a surprise e-mail today from our truss company and all of my appliance worries and woes vanished — because this is the first 3D look I’ve had at our roofline, and I’m in love.

front view with breezeway and garage behind the house

It’s everything I was hoping for.  Big John is pleased as well.  His exact words were “OMG it’s perfect.”

left side view

Actually, if we demolished the entire house but left the front porch, I could still die a happy girl.  Big porch obsession.

The roof — Is there anything better than a rainy day under a metal roof? Perhaps this super healthy and delicious cinnamon roll french toast I demolished for breakfast.


Which, before I talk about roof color decisions, I’ll give you the recipe for so you can also experience this joy on a plate.


French Toast

  • 2 pieces Oat So Healthy Bread – ALDI
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 c non-dairy milk
  • 1 t vanilla extract
  • 1/4 t cinnamon

Cinnamon Roll Glaze


  1. mix egg, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla well in a shallow dish
  2. dip bread into mixture and cook in skillet on medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side.
  3. Cinnamon roll glaze – mix all ingredients with a whisk or in a blender.  I used a nutribullet.  Just in case you were wondering.
  4. Top french toast with glaze and take a picture to post on social media because it’s 2k17 and people are always on the lookout for dat good good healthy recipe.
  5. Serve with coffee.  And Bailey’s.


Back to the roof.  Galvalume vs. Burnished Slate/Dark Bronze.  Both classic, both beautiful, basically I want both.
Chip & Jo Gaines’ farmhouse with Galvalume roof

Oh Chip & Jo, do you ever design/build anything that isn’t drop dead gorgeous?

The original 1907 farmhouse had a galvalume roof like the one pictured above, and the old-school side of me wants to replicate that look.

But this bronze on white combo tho…


Dark Bronze metal roof with low gloss finish

This contrast is absolute perfection.  Galvalume is the cheaper option, but not by much.  And cheaper is always better.  I want to see the world, not just an expensive ass house in one corner of it.

Big John says we’ll be under roof by the end of April.  Have I mentioned I love him?  I can’t wait to show you guys what we chose!





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Lil Wayne flow be like: she got them healthy recipes call her Paula Lean. Stephanie is a gangsta rap-loving wife and mom of three sweet babies, cardiac cath lab nurse, lactation consultant, fitness junkie, and foodie with a passion for properly citing sources.

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