How to Make A Salad in A Jar

Super quick blog post to help some fam and friends prep for our SJAR party next week!

  1. Dressing : 2-4 T dressing goes in first, we don’t want soggy greens!
  2. Heavy toppings : go in next, think beans, chopped veggies, cucumbers, etc.
  3. Light toppings : third layer is all about the fruits and lighter veggies like mushrooms and peppers
  4. Topping toppings : all of the little bits like seeds, nuts, herbs, and dried fruit, go here.
  5. Greens : go on top!  For a quart mason jar you’ll need 2-3 cups of greens.  Bonus points if you grew your own on a Tower Garden.

But wait! What if you want to prep and partay?  Who brings what?

  • You’ll use about 2 cups of toppings and 2 cups of greens for each quart size mason jar.
  • How many salads will each person prep?  It’s best to only prep 5 days at a time for freshness sake.
    • If you’ll be eating 2 salads a day, bring
      • 10 jars
      • 20 cups of greens
      • 20 cups of toppings
      • 2 cups of dressing
    • If you’ll be eating 1 salad a day, bring
      • 5 jars
      • 10 cups of greens
      • 10 cups of toppings
      • 1 cup of dressing
  • Swapping toppings is fun!  Even if there are ingredient duplicates, all toppings will be used and you’ll get creative – no need to sign up for or create a topping list.  (Unless you’re an overachiever!)
  • You can create a pretty flyer to invite your friends, this will make them want to show up because they know you spent at least 10 minutes on this and are really excited!


BUT WAIT!!! We want to prep smoothies too!

Ok, fine – this is how you do that.

These are easier than salads because there is no particular order you have to prep them in, they’ll all end up in a blender in the end.  Search Pinterest for smoothie recipes in advance or ask your hostess if there will be a recipe list available.  If you have access to the Shred10 Guide, you’ll find lots of great complete smoothie ideas there.

  • Smoothie jars can be prepped in bulk and frozen!
  • How many smoothies will you prep?
    • If you’ll be making 2 a day, bring
      • 10 jelly jars
      • 10 cups of toppings
      • 4 cups of greens
    • If you’ll be making 1 a day, bring
      • 5 jelly jars
      • 5 cups of toppings
      • 2 cups of greens

Happy prepping!

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Lil Wayne flow be like: she got them healthy recipes call her Paula Lean. Stephanie is a gangsta rap-loving wife and mom of three sweet babies, cardiac cath lab nurse, lactation consultant, fitness junkie, and foodie with a passion for properly citing sources.

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