Hey there.  I’m Stephanie (Steph) Dieckman – which you probably already know from following my IG or joining in on one of my FB Live Events.

My husband John and I are currently building our dream home.  The farmhouse started out as a late night sketch and with lots of love, labor, and F bombs, has come to life.  Documenting that process is so much fun!

John and I did life pretty normally for a few years.  We had kids, got married, had good jobs with crazy hours, and the stress that came along with being full time working parents – you know the story.

I graduated from Maryville University with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2013 followed by my Certificate of Lacation Education and Couseling from University of California, San Diego in 2015.  I worked for a few years as an ICU and Cardiac Cath Lab nurse as well as a private practice Lactation Consultant, but even though I loved my jobs something was missing.

Every day when I dropped the kids off at daycare, my heart stayed with them.  I missed my husband too, our odd hours meant we didn’t have a lot of “us” time.  So in 2017, after creating a third income with my online business, I left the corporate world and became a full time work-from-phone momma.  Ah, the beauty of technology!  I typically work while the kids the kids nap, that’s my sweet spot and means we get to make the most of our waking hours together.

My values first and foremost are my Faith and my Family.

But I’m also super passionate about the Mother-Baby relationship, lactation support, architecture (eclectic passion alert), nutrition across the lifespan, education, and business development.  You’ll find a bit of each of those buckets here on the blog.

Whether you’re here to browse, learn, or work with me – thanks for stopping by!